OBD2 Car Code Scanner w/ 2.8" Color Screen Automotive Check Vehicle Engine Light (CEL) Tool

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CEL FIX FOR FAMILY --- SANNCE V317 OBD2 Diagnostic scanner is designed for all families at an affordable price to assist with the most common automotive engine warning lights issues, namely, check engine light (CEL) faults.


WIDE COMPATIBILITY --- Works on most 1996 US-Based, 2000 EU-Based, and Asian vehicles. Displays in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Chinese; Requires no battery or charger as the unit gets power directly from the OBDII Data Link Connector in the vehicle.


GET RID OF ANNOYANCE --- During this special difficult time, it can be annoying when you found the warning lights on. Built-in OBD2 DTC lookup library, which helps you to determine the cause of the engine light, you can quickly identify if your vehicle needs an immediate fix or if it can wait until you get home to fix it yourself.


DO IT YOURSELF --- With a 2.8" IPS color screen enables not only can you read codes to diagnose your car problem directly, but you can also see key information about your vehicle in real-time ( Live Data, Freeze Frame & I/M Readiness, VIN, etc.) to aid in diagnosis. It is a real "PLUG AND PLAY" scan tool, equipped with a 2. 5 feet long cable and made of a very thick flexible insulator, which is very easy to use for beginners.


BATTERY VOLTAGE TEST TO SAVE TIME --- SANNCE V317 enhanced scan tool provides battery tests to check the performance of a vehicle's charging system. It does so by checking if the batteries are in line with voltage specs recommended for the car. When troubleshooting a no start or hard start condition, carrying out this test helps to know where to look to save time.

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